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I think we need to have a bro moment, that is of course if you’re up to it? I know what has been going on in your head as of late and I want to take this moment in time to reach out and lend you a helping hand. I was once like you are and when I say that I am speaking from experience I am not just saying it for the hell of it.

When I needed help at the time I didn’t know who or where to turn to next. If it wasn’t for discovering these Ladyboybookmarks I couldn’t think where my life would be. You have a secret and you need to let it out, you like girls with dicks and you have been wanting to do something about it.

Now you know when you need to take it with both hands and with so much ladyboy sex on offer there is no reason why you can’t go balls deep with it. This is everything that you have ever desired and you need to make the moment count while it is open for you to take. I feel you know exactly what I am talking about and in turn, I also feel that you can and will be the man that you want to be!

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